Ultra 300Ai/300A

UV Coater

Smear-Free Flood Coating for Production Environments

  • Applies a high gloss, satin, or matte finish
  • Enhances the richness of printed colors
  • Protects output from scratches and scuffs
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The Ultra 300Ai/300A UV Coater adds a vibrant finish to offset and digitally-printed sheets at high speeds of up to 148 feet per minute. The applicator and impression rollers engage only at the start and end of the sheet, ensuring a smear-free finish when coating one or both sides of the sheet. With the Ultra 300Ai model, the adjustable bridge unit accommodates the height of most digital presses to feed sheets directly for a productive print and coating workflow. The Ultra 300A comes standard with the high feed capacity SF-300 Suction Feeder for offline finishing.


  • Easy job set up via control panel
  • Infrared heating system to help cure difficult stock
  • Auto gap rollers disengage between sheets to prevent flat spots
  • Automated cleaning and self-diagnostic functions

Key Applications

  • Direct mail
  • Book covers
  • Flyers
  • Invitations
  • Marketing collateral



Up to 148 feet per minute

Maximum Paper Size

20" x 28"

Feeder Capacity

7.5" (with SF-300 Suction Feeder)

Paper Weight

200-350 gsm


SF-300F Pile Feeder, ST-300 Pile Stacker