Raised Spot UV Coater

Raise your Game with High Profit Embellishments

  • Applies spot coating, texturized, and tactile enhancements
  • Performs with precision without the use of screens or dies
  • Elevates printed applications into premium products
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Produce premium packaging, business cards, and marketing campaigns on demand. Highly viable and design-driven, the DDC-810 Raised Spot UV Coater utilizes inkjet technology, UV lamp curing and camera image registration to deliver production output with texture and depth that your customers can touch and feel.

The small footprint does not take a lot of space, allowing you to create high-margin jobs from your own print shop. Using its digital technology with the output from your offset and digital presses, you can drive profit through short-run and customized applications produced in-house.


  • Automated job set up with hot folder technology
  • Polymers compatible with Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, and Xerox presses
  • Integrates with Fiery JobFlow to streamline preparation of CMYK and spot layer files
  • Variable Image Barcode option automates changeovers

Key Applications

  • Packaging
  • Book covers
  • Business cards
  • Invitations
  • Tickets


Integration with Fiery Impose



Up to 35 sheets per minute

Input Paper Size

11" x 8.27" to 14.33" x 29.13"

Feeder Capacity

5.9” (150 mm)

Paper Weight

157-450 gsm

Coating Thickness

20-80 microns


Variable image barcode kit

I don’t want a flat printed piece. 99% of what comes out of our Canon printer, goes to the DDC-810. Almost every single job we upsell with Duplo.

Tazpack Tazpack is a full service order fulfillment, packaging, warehousing and third party logistics management company.

Humans are so tactile, they always want to touch, they want to feel. We did a piece for a customer and when they came in and saw it, they just couldn’t believe how much it adds…it does show a difference for the product.

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Inkworks Inkworks offers state-of-the-art equipment, superior service and technical know-how to create quality and cost-effective print materials for businesses.

It’s not only growing our company’s revenue, but it’s grown our digital and offset divisions as well because now we’re getting work we wouldn’t have gotten if we didn’t have these Duplo machines.

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Ryan Printing Ryan Printing is one of America’s fastest growing companies for commercial printing services.

When I saw the spot UV coater, I immediately knew there was added value. Right now, the market is pretty unsaturated so you can get the money that you want for the print.

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HPGprint HPGprint provides high quality and short-run digital printing solutions to trade partners and print brokers across New England.

One of the things I like about this machine is the compact size of it. It doesn’t take a lot of room in your shop.

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Printing Specialist Printing Specialist is a full-service printer delivering award-winning print and design services.

We started utilizing our source for some of this and all of sudden it’s like maybe we should bring one internal, just so we could control it. We now run the DDC-810 every day.

Rengel Printing
Rengel Printing As a full service printer, Rengel Printing has produced the highest quality printing, mail distribution, and marketing materials for over a century.

90% of my customers tell me that their customers don’t look at them. They’re looking at the material that we printed and they are feeling it.

Minuteman Press Carmel Mountain
Minuteman Press Carmel Mountain Minuteman Press offers high quality printing and production for small and medium-sized businesses.