May 30, 2024

DUPLO SEIKO Expands Portfolio and Boosts Innovation with Acquisition of MULTIGRAF

Duplo Seiko and Multigraf team photo

Dusseldorf, Germany (May 30, 2024): DUPLO SEIKO, a leading member of the DUPLO GROUP, Japan, has acquired Swiss-based MULTIGRAF to bring out innovative and competitive solutions to the industry.

DUPLO SEIKO is known for its forward-thinking mindset. Based in Wakayama, Japan, DUPLO SEIKO started as a pioneer in stencil duplicators 50 years ago. Today, DUPLO SEIKO is one of the leading brands for automated cutting solutions and is recognized globally.

The acquisition of MULTIGRAF, another key manufacturer of multi-finishers, allows DUPLO SEIKO to further strengthen its market-leading position in cutting and multi-finishing solutions.

Left to right: Patric Lerch, President of Multigraf; Robert Barrer, Chairman of Multigraf; Hideki Hashigushi, President of Duplo Seiko; Bruno Picquet, President of Duplo International; Hideo Tanaka, President of Duplo Corporation 

Both organizations have had a trusting partnership for a long time. With MULTIGRAF celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, both companies have known each other almost from the start and the acquisition by DUPLO SEIKO is a logical and natural evolution.

Hideki Hashiguchi, DUPLO SEIKO CEO and President, comments: “We are honored to welcome MULTIGRAF in the DUPLO group. MULTIGRAF is a very well-known and established brand with a long history. I am confident this integration will enable both DUPLO and MULTIGRAF to accelerate future technological developments as well as providing a stronger support to our customers.”

As part of the deal, MULTIGRAF will continue to operate under the MULTIGRAF name and the company will remain based in Switzerland.

“The acquisition of MULTIGRAF by DUPLO SEIKO is an exciting new start for all” says Robert Barrer, Chairman of MULTIGRAF. “My father founded MULTIGRAF, and I am looking forward to seeing where the future takes us,” he adds.

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