January 22, 2020

Duplo DDC-810 Raised Spot UV Coater Reaches Milestone

DDC-810 Raised Spot UV Coater_web (1)

Santa Ana, Calif. (January 22, 2020) – Duplo USA Corporation, the leading provider of innovative print finishing solutions, is marking the global success of the DDC-810 Raised Spot UV Coater announcing today that over 200 units have been installed in print shops worldwide.

The milestone highlights the rising trend in the print industry. The demand from brands for commercial and packaging applications with spot coating, texturing and tactile effects continues to influence print service providers to invest in such solutions. The capability is positioned to drive the upsell with embellished products being sold at a premium. It delivers a new stream of revenue for the provider and an increase in response rates for the brand.

“Print embellishment is one of the fastest growing segments with a great return on investment. The DDC-810 is a compact and user-friendly solution designed to deliver a high-end tactile experience. It’s perfect for mid-size printers looking to differentiate themselves without breaking the bank,” says Rick Salinas, Vice President of Marketing at Duplo USA.

In the era of workflow automation and integrations, Duplo and EFI have leveraged their solutions to reduce production costs by automating all the prepress tasks involved in preparing jobs for print embellishment and finishing. Integrating the design-driven DDC-810 with Fiery JobFlow™ has enabled users to experience a time-saving, intelligent workflow that prepares the CMYK and spot layer files in just one click. Furthermore, it streamlines the process by applying imposition, barcodes and registration marks for finishing devices such as the new DC-618 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser and DPC-400 Digital Die Cutter to deliver valued-added applications.

“Our customers are innovative and are taking their offerings to the next level. We are enjoying seeing their businesses grow and look forward to reaching the next milestone.”

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