Company History

Our History
Duplo was established in Japan in 1951, manufacturing one of the first duplicators in the industry. Dedicated to the development of technologically-advanced printing and finishing equipment, Duplo has rapidly expanded and now has a global presence through key distributors in Asia, the United States, and Europe. From developing leading-edge collating and bookletmaking systems for the traditional offset market, the company continues to evolve with the printing industry and today offers a comprehensive line of innovative, multi-functional finishers for the digital color market as well.

Duplo USA emerged in 1979, with headquarters in Santa Ana, Calif., and today also serves Canada and Latin America. The company distributes its products through an extensive network of authorized dealers in North, Central, and South America and has also built valuable relationships with key industry leaders, including Xerox, Canon, Hewlett Packard, Ricoh, and Konica Minolta to deliver the right print and finishing solutions to their customers.

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