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ON DEMAND Sets Stage for First U.S. Debut of Key Duplo Finishing Products



ON DEMAND Expo 2010

April 20th – April 22nd, 2010

Pennsylvania Convention Center

Philadelphia, PA





(Santa Ana, CA: April 20th, 2010) At ON DEMAND 2010, Duplo USA Corporation will be unveiling a series of exciting new finishing products offering an enhanced range of speed, versatility, and overall productivity. Visitors to the Duplo booth (#1114) will see the extensive Duplo line-up running live jobs in its booth as well as in its Xerox partner stand.



Debuting for the very first time in the United States will be Duplo’s high-speed saddlestitch bookletmaking system, the Alpha Saddle; the fastest and most versatile digital color finisher, DC-745 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser; and the new and improved air-fed digital printing system, DP-U950. Also on exhibit will be the new Ultra 200 UV Coater; the DKT-200 Two Knife Trimmer in-line with a DSF-5000 Document Sheet Feeder and DBM-500/T Bookletmaker and Trimmer, the DFS-3500 Full-Bleed Bookletmaking System, and the DC-645 Integrated Folding System. Visitors to the show will also have the opportunity to see Duplo’s DBM-5001 Bookletmaking System in-line with the iGen4® Digital Production Press demonstrated at the Xerox booth (#601).


The Alpha Saddlestitcher

One of Duplo’s newest and most exciting products to be revealed at ON DEMAND is the Alpha Saddle, its fully automatic, heavy-duty saddlestitch bookletmaker and the first in its class to offer unrivaled performance with A.P.C. “Automatic Precision Control,” flexibility, and high productivity. The high speed Alpha Saddle demonstrates superb accuracy and versatility with the ability to produce up to 6,000 books per hour. Offering numerous features not available with traditional flat sheet bookletmakers, its 3-knife trimming and saddlestitching modules produce superior, full-bleed flat books.


The Alpha Saddle is designed with a unique and highly productive method of moving collated sets onto the saddle. Each parallel tower configuration has its own individual set transfer unit and folder and scoring unit allowing for two complete sets to be transported simultaneously onto the saddle. Folded and scored sets are then accurately and precisely transferred onto the moving saddle by a belt and finger system, with no risk of losing set registration even when feeding from multiple towers.


The Alpha’s flexible, modular design also allows it to be configured as needed with optional units such as the gutter cutter for 2-up applications and a pre-collated sheet feeder, making it ideal for traditional offset and digital printers alike. With the capability to produce a maximum of 12,000 books an hour when the gutter cutter is installed, the Alpha meets the demands of high volume users. Its intuitive color touch screen control panel and complete automation for fast job setups and changeovers accomplishable within 60 seconds, make it efficient for running short jobs as well. No adjustments for belt pressures, book retaining guides, or book thickness are required. Accepting a wide range of media, the Alpha can process sheet sizes ranging from 5.51” x 8.11” to 13.90” x 24.20” and deliver quality, thicker booklets of up to 200 pages at production rates up to four times higher than any saddlestitcher in its class.


DC-745 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser

Making its debut at ON DEMAND is the DC-745 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser, Duplo’s newest and fastest all-in-one digital color finisher yet. Performing up to 10 slits, 20 cuts, and 15 creases in a single pass, the high production DC-745 eliminates white borders and toner cracking on digital color documents at incredible speeds of up to 50 sheets per minute. Taking the success of the popular DC-645 model to the next level, it also provides users with an enhanced user-friendly PC Controller for quick job changeovers, new cross and micro perforation options for added versatility, and an increased feeding capacity and elevator stacking function. The DC-745 is the perfect solution for finishing full-bleed, digital color applications ranging from business cards, brochures, greeting cards, catalogs, photos, and much more!



Duplo’s new DKT-200 Two Knife Trimmer will be shown for the first time in a near-line sheet feeding and bookletmaking configuration. The fully automatic Digital System 5000 Pro, configured with a DSF-5000 High Speed Sheet Feeder, DBM-500/T Bookletmaker and Trimmer, and the DKT-200 Two-Knife Trimmer, is the ideal solution for high volume, full-bleed digital applications. The DSF-5000 accurately feeds sheets ranging from 4.75” x 8.5” to 14” x 20” at up to 400 sheets per minute into Duplo’s DBM-500 Bookletmaker for precision folding and stitching. Once the book is face trimmed in the DBM-500T, the DKT-200 removes the head and foot for a quality, finished book. A simple straight paper path design allows the DKT-200 to easily finish books at speeds up to 4,500 books per hour, all in a small footprint of less than 38 inches in width. For added versatility, print providers can add an optional 3-hole punch or a gutter cutter for 2-up applications, doubling their production in no time. With complete automation, the system can be set up and running jobs in less than 5 minutes.


DFS-3500 Full-Bleed Bookletmaking System

The DFS-3500 Bookletmaking System provides an affordable solution for completely finishing full-bleed booklets in a single pass. Ideal for short-run applications, the system integrates the stitching, folding, and trimming capabilities of the mid-range DBM-350/T Bookletmaker and Trimmer with the slitting and creasing functionalities of the DC-445 Creaser. The DBM-350’s ability to handle set-by-set and sheet-by-sheet output combined with the DC-445 to eliminate toner cracking on digital applications make it a perfect solution for printers transitioning from offset to digital.


The fully-automatic DBM-350 Bookletmaker/Trimmer fits between Duplo’s established low-end bookletmaker DBM-120/T and its high-end counterpart DBM-500/T, providing an alternative for varying production and budget requirements. Offering stitching heads, speeds of up to 3,000 books an hour, and a fully automated set-up, the DBM-350/T is an extremely productive and professional solution. The flexible bookletmaker easily accommodates a range from on-demand applications such as CD and DVD covers through 5.5” x 8.5” to 8.5” x 11” finished booklets of up to 80 pages.


DC-645 Integrated Folding System

The DC-645 Integrated Folding System extends the capability of the DC-645 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser even further. Incorporating an in-line knife folder, the DC-645 Integrated Folding System not only slits, cuts, and creases but also folds digitally-printed applications in a single pass. Utilizing two knife folds, the DC-645 Integrated Folding System folds five of the most common fold types, including single, letter, Z, gate, and double parallel, along with an infinite number of custom folds or it can be bypassed for no fold applications. The finished documents are then stacked in a 15.75” capacity stacker specifically designed to neatly stack and retain even heavier jobs such as folded card stocks.


By incorporating folding into the single system operation, the DC-645 Integrated Folding System removes the bottleneck of the finishing process and allows printers to custom fold a variety of applications such as greeting cards, folded ‘tent’ business cards, brochures and much more. The entire system is programmed from the DC-645’s control panel meaning all configurations are simple to set up and easy to adjust to suit customer requirements.


Ultra 200 UV Coater

The Ultra 200 is Duplo’s newest model to join its Ultra line of UV Coaters. A perfect alternative to the fully automatic Ultra 145A and Ultra 205A, the semi-automated Ultra 200 offers printers a user-friendly, affordable solution for their UV coating needs. Adding a superior glossy or satin finish to both offset and digitally-printed documents, made notably possible by the increased gap between the coating roller and the curing UV lamp, the Ultra 200 quickly adds value to any document as it enhances its color vibrancy and richness. User-friendly and with a small footprint, it also features an automatic cleaning function and fast setup and shutdown. On display with the optional, high-capacity sheet feeder, the Ultra 200 applies ultraviolet coating to a wide range of documents, including book covers, postcards, brochures, business cards, and more of up to 20” x 20” in size.


DP-U950 Digital Printing System

Duplo’s new and improved air-fed digital printing system, the DP-U950, is also making its U.S. debut at ON DEMAND. Replacing the DP-460H, the industry’s only true air-fed duplicator, the DP-U950 carries on its benefits in addition to offering an improved feeding system, increased speed of 150 pages per minute, enhanced offset stacking performance, and adjustable exit guides for perfect stacking capabilities. With a 600 x 600 dpi resolution, the new digital printing system provides improved overall imaging through the use of new masters and comes integrated with a standard USB interface.


DBM-5001 Bookletmaking System on Display at the Xerox Booth

Visitors to the show have the opportunity to see a professional end-to-end solution for full-bleed printing and bookletmaking as Duplo’s DBM-5001 Bookletmaking System will be demonstrated in-line with the iGen4® Digital Production Press in the Xerox partner booth (#601). Exceptionally user-friendly and versatile, the DBM-5001 is also connectible in-line with the Xerox Nuvera™ EA Production System and is perfect for finishing a wide range of on demand applications. With durable Hohner stitching heads and a state-of-the-art accumulation system, push button setup makes the powerhouse bookletmaker easy to use. Quick changeovers are achieved by diverting the corner or side-stitching jobs to a separate catch tray while other jobs continue to pass through the face trimmer onto the belt stacker. Productivity can be further enhanced with a 4-head stitcher option able to process 2-up booklets. With the DBM-5001 connected in-line with the Xerox iGen4® press, not only is productivity maximized but set integrity is maintained at all times since the sheets are fed directly from the printer into the bookletmaker.


Other Show Highlights

Other products on exhibit at the Duplo booth (#1114) include the DPB-500 PUR Perfect Binder; the DSF-2000 Document Sheet Feeder with the SCC Slitter/Cutter/Creaser and DBM-500/T Bookletmaker and Trimmer; the slitter/cutter/creaser line including the DC-645, DC-615, and DC-445; the DF-1000 Air-Suction Folder and DF-920 Fully Automatic Tabletop Folder; the 660P Hydraulic Guillotine Cutter, DB-280 Perfect Binder, and the DSF-2000 Document Sheet Feeder in-line with the DBM-120/T Bookletmaker. In addition, the UJ-500AS Anti-Static Air Jogger, Kustom Korners’ corner rounding machine, UP-240 Banding Machine, and a Noritsu D502 Duplex Inkjet Printer for photo applications will be on display.

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