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ON DEMAND Expo 2009

March 31st – April 2nd, 2009

Pennsylvania Convention Center

Philadelphia, PA





(Santa Ana, CA: March 27th, 2009) At the ON DEMAND Expo, Duplo USA Corporation is presenting its newest print finishing products which demonstrate added versatility and flexibility.


Exhibiting for the first time at ON DEMAND are Duplo’s DC-645 Integrated Folding System, the DFS-3500 Bookletmaking System incorporating a mid-range DBM-350/T Bookletmaker and Trimmer with the DC-445 Creaser, and the DPB-500 PUR Perfect Binder. Visitors can also see the DSF-5000 Document Sheet Feeder in-line with the DBM-500 Bookletmaker and Trimmer, the Ultra 205A UV Coater with optional SF-205A Feeder, the DSF-2000 Near-Line Bookletmaker equipped with the SCC (Slitter/Cutter/Creaser), and the DC-645 and DC-615 Slitter/Cutter/Creasers.


DC-645 Integrated Folding System

Duplo has added a knife folding option to the versatile DC-645 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser, thus hugely extending the in-line capability of the production color finisher. By incorporating folding into the single system operation, printers can now fully finish different applications such as greeting cards, folded ‘tent’ business cards, brochures and much more.


The knife folder incorporates two knife folds making it also ideal for parallel fold applications such as letter folds. With a speed of up to 50 sheets per minute, the new folder fully matches the capabilities of the DC-645 and can also be by-passed for no-fold applications from the DC-645. The finished documents are then stacked in a 15.75” capacity stacker specifically designed to neatly stack and retain even heavier jobs such as folded card stocks.


The flexibility of the DC-645 programming means that all configurations are simple to set up and easy to adjust to suit customer requirements.


DFS-3500 Bookletmaking System

Unveiling for the first time is Duplo’s DBM-350 Mid-Range Bookletmaker and Trimmer in-line with the DC-445 Creaser. The ability of the DBM-350/T to handle set-by-set and sheet-by-sheet output and the DC-445 Creaser to eliminate toner cracking on digital applications make it the ideal solution for printers transitioning from offset to digital.


The fully-automatic DBM-350 Bookletmaker/Trimmer fits between Duplo’s established low-end bookletmaker DBM-120/T and its high-end counterpart the DBM-500/T, and provides an alternative according to production requirements and budgetary needs. Offering stitching heads, speeds of up to 3,000 books an hour, and fully automated set-up, the DBM-350/T is an extremely productive and professional solution. The flexible bookletmaker easily accommodates a range from on-demand applications such as CD and DVD covers through 5.5” x 8.5” to 8.5” x 11” finished booklets of up to 80 pages.


DPB-500 PUR Perfect Binder

Duplo has added a PUR version to its fully automatic, single clamp DPB-500 Perfect Binder, making it efficient for binding books printed on digital and coated stocks. The PUR glue provides a high pull-strength ensuring each page is firmly bound and can be opened flat without any risk of page detachment.


The closed tank system offers huge cost and productivity benefits compared to open-tank systems, as it does not require draining after each session which incurs wasted material and downtime. Just like Duplo’s standard-adhesive DPB-500 Perfect Binder, it runs at speeds of up to 525 cycles an hour and is capable of binding a wide range of materials with a maximum booklet size of 14.17” x 12.60” and minimum size of 4.72” x 4.72”. Cover sheet sizes range from 4.72” x 9.84” and 14.17” x 27.40”.


The versatility of the fully automated perfect binder results in a reduction in set-up times and costs, making it perfect for short run and variable print as well as longer runs. One of the machine’s key attributes is its easy-to-use integrated touch-screen controls, which facilitate a 35 second set-up between programs, resulting in a book-bound quality finish with minimal operator skills.


DSF-5000 Sheet Feeder in-line with the DBM-500 Bookletmaker and Trimmer

Duplo’s new DSF-5000 modular high-speed, production level feeder offers a number of enhanced benefits to give greater productivity for near-line finishing and bookletmaking solutions. Responding to the needs of both the color market as well as the higher volume black & white cut sheet markets, the DSF-5000 can support the printed output of multiple printers without compromising print production and offers high speed, reliable feeding of a variety of substrates with both ultrasonic double and optical double detection for improved accuracy and reduced waste by preventing the processing of incorrect sets. In addition, its Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and barcode readers offer greater versatility in handling variable and personalized print finishing. The DSF-5000 can feed up to 400 sheets per minute, which is fed from a 24” high capacity pallet style paper tray. Operators also benefit from automated job set up and changeover, as well as an intuitive, user-friendly PC interface.


To demonstrate the versatility of the DSF-5000, Duplo is showcasing the DSF-5000 Document Sheet Feeder in-line with the DBM-500 Bookletmaker and Trimmer. The benefits of Duplo’s modular approach allow printers to add to the system as and when their requirements change.


Ultra 205A UV Coater

Duplo is also showing its fully automatic and user-friendly Ultra 205A UV Coater with optional SF-205A Feeder. Delivering variable speeds between 32 to 120 feet per minute, the Ultra 205A cost-effectively adds quality, high gloss or satin finishes to an array of offset and digitally printed documents up to 20.5” in width.


The Ultra 205A ensures overall quality of printed output is increased as more vibrancy and richness is added to colors and hues, while ensuring protection from scratching and fingerprints. This makes the Ultra 205A perfectly suited to applications such as book covers, calendars, business cards, brochures, posters and mailers.


In addition, the compact Ultra 205A UV Coater enables easy set-up and operation and features a number of efficiency enhancing attributes. These include a large and intuitive LCD touch screen panel which, via an innovative troubleshooting diagram, allows users to quickly make adjustments. Users also benefit from a self-centering and self-tensioning conveyor belt which automatically readjusts to keep output media neatly stacked.


Further efficiencies are gained thanks to the Ultra 205A’s metering roller speed adjustment which evenly sets the level of coating required, while the built-in self-cleaning system ensures post-production labor is reduced.

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