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Duplo USA Corporation has introduced two new roller-feed collators, known as the DFC-80 and DFC-120.  Incorporating a number of improved features to boost productivity in smaller print shops, in-plants, offices and corporate reproduction departments, the new roller-feed collators will replace their predecessors, the DC-8 and DFC-12 machines.


The new DFC-series collators are available in 8, 12 or 24 station configurations, with a faster output speed of up to 4,200 sets per hour or 2,400 sets per hour when the DFC-120 is used in conjunction with a bookletmaking system. The versatile DFC-120 Roller-Feed Collator can also be linked to a second tower to make a 24-station model.  The DFC-80 can only be connected to a DFC-S Stapler Unit.


A more durable ceramic paper-feeding roller has been added to the new machines to ensure consistent paper feeding. The new collators have a deeper stacker able to hold a capacity of up to 78mm, resulting in less user intervention. The collating trays can also be set to straight or offset collating modes, depending on specific job requirements. The collators automatically stop when the catch tray is full.


Another key feature is the user-friendly control panel with larger icons and status indicator, enabling operators to recognize error status from a distance.


Si Nguyen, director of marketing at Duplo USA Corporation comments:  “We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our products to stay at the forefront of the industry. With the extra features, the new roller-feed collators will ensure even greater production levels and easier set-up. Most of our customers challenge us to help them save time, the new DFC-80 and 120 will certainly enable them to do so.”


The DFC-120 Roller-Feed Collators can be used in conjunction with the DBM-120 bookletmaker and DBM-120T trimmer to create a reliable and cost-effective print finishing system which can collate, staple, fold and trim to produce a variety of applications. This high-performance and space-saving system provides the functionality usually reserved for much larger finishing equipment.


A key feature of the DBM-120/T Dynamic collating and bookletmaking system is the ability to run both towers either to the bookletmaker on the left, the stacker on the right, or even single towers to the left and right simultaneously, making the system extremely versatile by allowing more than one job to run at the same time.


The Duplo roller-feed collating and bookletmaking system is extremely user-friendly. As soon as the Preset button is selected, the machine adjusts the feeding system, joggers, folding system and trimmer and also runs a test set through so users can check if the sheets have been collated in the correct order.


Si Nguyen concludes, “Many small businesses are looking for cost-effective finishing solutions that meet their budget constraints as well as production levels. The advantage of the efficient and reliable Duplo collating & bookletmaking system is that it can meet the needs of most small enterprises but is less expensive than larger finishing equipment.”


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