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Duplo USA Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

Duplo USA Corporation kicks off the New Year by celebrating its 25th Anniversary. Duplo’s success in the United States is accredited to its extensive line of top-quality, paper handling equipment, not to mention its loyal dealers and customers.

In 1979, Duplo USA emerged in the United States as an assembly plant for the spirit duplicator and sorter. Three years later, Duplo moved south from Gardena, CA to the Orange County area as a sales company selling the industry’s first vertical collator. This revolutionary product, with the addition of a new suction feed collator introduced in 1992, moved Duplo into a position of leadership among finishing equipment in the graphic arts industry. As a result, Duplo quickly expanded its dealer network and in 1998 opened a second distribution facility in Suwanee, Georgia to better serve customers in the South and East Coast and in Latin America.

In order to adapt to the ever-changing market and to satisfy the needs of a variety of consumers, Duplo has created a full line of printing and finishing solutions that range from tabletop office equipment and digital duplicators to vacuum feed floor model collating/bookletmaking solutions. Duplo’s newest finishing solution, the vacuum feed System 5000, has been well received by commercial and in-plant printers.

Duplo has created innovative products since 1951 dating back to the first spirit duplicator developed in Japan by Duplo’s founder Mr. Juko Shima. Since then, generations of Duplo duplicators have evolved and penetrated the school and church markets. Duplo’s most recent recognition goes to the DP-330L, DP-430, and DP-63P models, which were awarded 2003 Editor’s Choice Award from Better Buys for Business.

In response to the thriving print-on-demand market, Duplo delivers a rewarding range of automated print on demand finishing solutions. The System 5000, DSF-2000 Document Sheet Feeder, DC-545HC Slitter/Cutter/Creaser, Intelligent Multi-bin Feeder (IMBF), and Muller systems all accommodate digitally printed documents. Duplo’s partnerships with leading digital printer manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard, Nexpress, IKON, Canon, Océ and, Xerox have further strengthened their print-on-demand line.

From printing to finishing systems, Duplo is the only manufacturer dedicated to the production of a complete line of on-demand solutions. Duplo maintains its commitment to providing the finest off-line, near-line, and in-line finishing systems, as well as an assortment of high-quality tabletop office equipment. Duplo is attributed as the leader in providing innovative collating, bookletmaking, perfect binding, trimming, folding, cutting, printing, bursting, and creasing solutions in the print marketplace. Please contact Duplo USA Corporation 800-255-1933 for additional information.

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